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Modern technology for embryologists

A web-based platform for bovine embryologists

Our technology gives you and your customers
the tools you need to stay connected

Today's customers demand and expect mobile solutions that fit their busy lifestyles. Our platform delivers on that expectation.

Cloud Based

No install. No upgrades. No worries.

Our application is delivered over the internet. Cloud computing allows you to access your data from anywhere without having to worry about devices and/or installs.


Share information with your clients.

We've built read-only screens that give your clients access to their information. They can view their embryo inventory, semen inventory, and transfer certificates. In addition, it's easy to share synchronization and stimulation schedules with them at the click of a button.

Works on Mobile Devices

Access your data from anywhere.

We leverage the power of the web to deliver a consistent experience to our users. Our platform responds appropriately to your devices to provide the best viewing experience.

Features that fit your business

Through iterative, customer-centered design, we quickly evaluate and prototype new ideas to pinpoint which ones are the most valuable to you and your business.

Appointment & Activity Scheduling

Take control of your day.

We know you are very busy, so we built a calendar tool that organizes your embryo transfer activites so the you may quickly find what you are looking for.

Synchronization & Stimulation Schedules

Create. Customize. Share.

Create as many templates as you like. Easily generate and share schedules with your clients.

Conventional Embryo Transfer

We've got you covered.

This was the first module we offered when we launched the company. We have adapted it a bit over time to meet your demands.

IVF Embryo Transfer

We heard you loud and clear.

Due to popular demand, we now offer IVF functionality that tracks OPU, fertilization, embryo production, and embryo transfer.

Frozen Embryo Transfer

Thaw. Transfer. Document.

We've made it super easy to document the transfer of embryos frozen by another practitioner.

Frozen Embryo Export

Crossing Borders?

We make it easy to produce the required documentation.

Sire/Semen Inventory Management

Stop digging through your tanks.

Our platform makes it easy for you to maintain a complete and accurate record. Oh yeah...and your clients can see what they have as well.

Client Collaboration

Stay connected.

We provide a way for you to give clients access to their own information.

Affordable pricing

No contracts. No per-user fees. No usage limits.

It shouldn't cost you the farm to have access to useful software. Instead of paying large amounts up front for software, we opted for a more modest, pay-as-you-go plan.



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