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designed and built for animal embryologists

Our subscription-based software can manage your entire embryo transfer business from anywhere in the world.

edonor development team

Obsessed with delivering world class software at a reasonable rate.

eDonor is an interactive engineering firm focused on delivering value to embryologists and the customers they serve.

We spend a lot of time on our user-interface. This is how our customers interact with our product. We want the experience to be frictionless and enjoyable, whether your sitting at your desk, or out and about on your mobile device.

Brandon Vogt - Co-Founder | Head of Technology

Hand crafted just for you.

Our platform is custom built for the embryo transfer process and the services reproductive professionals provide.
edonor software section

Base Components

The following components are included with every subscription.
appointment and activity schedules
Appointment +
Activity scheduling

We made it super easy to schedule, manage and share the results of your appointments.

stimulation and synchronization schedules
Synchronization +
Stimulation Protocol Mgmt

Create custom protocol templates used to populate donor and recipient schedules.

donor boarding
Donor Boarding +
Health Mgmt

Manage arrivals, departures, treatments, tests and any other notable event.

embryo recovery and opu ivf
Embryo Recovery +

Manage recovery details, OPUs, IVFs, embryo freeze and all embryo transfer activity.

embryo inventory mgmt
Inventory Mgmt

Easily manage inventory, inventory locations and shipments for donors and clients.

sire and semen inventory mgmt
Sire and Semen
Inventory Mgmt

Track all sires used in embryo transfer process including semen storage and levels.

detailed reporting
Reporting Capabilities

Report on client and donor activity, including the most common association reports.

Additional Modules

The following components are optional and may be added in addition to the base subscription.
invoicing module
Invoicing Module

Automate your billing process by dynamically generating invoices based upon services performed.

extended ivf module
Extended IVF Module

Track additional OPU and IVF parameters including Ovary detail, media and containers.

add on ivf promotion
add on invoice promotion
cloud based

Built on a trusted cloud environment.

We chose the Microsoft Azure cloud computing environment for building, testing, deploying, and managing our applications - in data centers managed by their expert teams.

Reasonably Priced.

Instead of paying large amounts of money up front, we opted for a modest monthly fee.
ET Professional Subscription

Includes all the components our client have used from the very beginning.


$79 per month

Invoicing Module ADD-ON

Includes all pricing and invoicing functions and features.

Prerequisite: ET Professional subscription

+$29 per month

Extended IVF Module ADD-ON

Includes additional data capture point for OPU and IVF activities.

Prerequisite: ET Professional subscription

+$19 per month

Led by industry professionals

We are a specialized team of problem-solvers, technology professionals and industry experts. We are passionate about what we do, and relentless in our pursuit of excellence.
Tom Rea, DVM

Dr. Rea is owner of Genetics West and has been practicing embryo transfer and reproductive science for over 30 years. Tom served as President of the American Embryo Transfer Association (AETA) from 2004-2005, and is still an active participant, serving on multiple committees over the years, including the current nominations committee.

Megan Carpenter

Megan has been involved in the embryo transfer process her entire life. She manages the Genetics West office and is involved in both front office (planning + scheduling), and back-office (invoicing + accounting). Her knowledge of the process and what makes it efficient has been key to the ongoing development of eDonor.

Brandon Vogt
Founder, Managing Director

Brandon heads technology development and runs day-to-day operations of the business. He brings 20+ years of software engineering experience and has served in technology leadership roles for many high-profile public and private companies. What started as a passion project has turned into a life long committment.

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